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September 28, 2020

Welcome to Elite Realtors


We would like to give you a warm welcome to Elite Realtors. We are beyond excited to show you what we have been working on to help YOU evolve within your real estate career. The future of real estate is now and as many of you have seen, it is all advancing toward technology. Technology is shaping & revolutionizing the real estate industry for the better! Our goal as a company is to help your transition into this new era as smoothly as possible. Much time & effort was put into creating this cloud based agent portal and all of the amazing features that have been added. Each section in the agent portal serves its own purpose: from accessing scripts, to viewing the latest company events, and even locating new construction sites in all of Kern County. We hope that you put all of these resources to great use.


Elite Dictionary- Our Elite dictionary was created to help refresh your mind with real estate terminology as needed. We know there is so much to absorb & as real estate agents, it can be easy to forget the easiest of real estate terms. Every real estate word and definition can be found in our Elite dictionary.


Marketing Center- The marketing center contains the most up to date information to help you get the most out of social media. From learning how to run ads on Facebook, to creating eye catching content for your Instagram page, the marketing center has it all. Everything you need to become a pro at social media marketing is just one click away!


Elite University- Move over Youtube! Elite university is here with many knowledgeable videos to help you learn all topics pertaining to real estate. Want to learn more about door knocking or listing multi-unit properties? We have you covered! Need to learn how to navigate Brokermint or Follow-Up Boss? That’s included too! We constantly upload the latest videos, keeping you up to date with any and all real estate topics.


Elite Docs- Any and all scripts, progress sheets, and documents are in this library. This portion of the agent portal holds one of many keys to help you become a successful real estate agent. All documents in this library are also updated just like any changes that come with the real estate industry. 


Elite Events- Our calendar contains all of the latest scheduled company meetings, events, and much more. You can also see what guest speakers we will have coming into the office as well as dates and times for our company call nights! 


New Construction Locator- Our agent portal wouldn’t be complete with our very own new construction locator. Another key to success! No more struggling with searching the MLS or Google for the latest new construction sites in Kern County. You can also see the price range for each new construction lot as well as other important details such as bedrooms, bathrooms, & square footage!


Elite News- It’s important to stay up to date with the latest in real estate news. Our industry heavily relies on knowing what is going on with the housing market as well as interest rates and so on. Make sure to check in weekly to get the 411 on the real estate market.


Brokermint- Introducing our virtual TC system. Brokermint allows our agents to view the progress of their current open transactions from start to finish. It is easy to navigate and was created to be more environment friendly. Less printed paperwork, more cloud based software that you can access anywhere! A perfect choice for those agents who prefer to have control or their transactions.


Follow-Up Boss- Check out our exclusive CRM designed to make keeping track of all your leads easier. This tool makes it easy to follow up with past clients, potential leads, and much more! You can also track recent calls, conversations, appointments and deals. This CRM is going to be another of many keys to help you become a top producer.


Hubze- No office is complete without a leaderboard. Hubze is our digital, top of the line transaction tracker. You can see your ranking within the office, as well as our active & pending listings. We can also view and track our monthly closings and YTD production volume. This leaderboard is not only accessible in our office but through our agent portal!