What We Stand For



We encourage each other to take on new business opportunities that will bring us financial security & peace of mind.



We motivate each other to bring out the leader that lives within all of us.



We believe that everyone has the right to live a fulfilling life while doing what they love most.



We work together as a team to help each other grow, while achieving our dreams & goals.



We strive to be unique while encouraging growth and celebrating those milestones that occur along the way.

As a real estate agent one of the hardest choices to make is deciding which brokerage to hang your license with. Although there are a variety of real estate companies to choose from. They all have their differences, ranging from small to big . Some might be well known some might not, some might have huge commission splits some might have flat fees. Some might promise you the world and some might not care whether you are there or not. Elite Realtors was designed to make that choice much more simple for you, NOT only do we offer all of this below but we do it at NO COST to you! With our trainings and great culture find out why our company is helping our agents succeed!

Exclusive Agent Portal

We paid the big bucks for this website. Apart from sharing the wealth, we will also share our agent tailored website with your own personalized username & login password! That’s right, you’ll have access to the following at NO COST to you!

– Innovation Room 24/7 Marketing
– Free CRM system
– Elite university
– Personal Website Link
– Lead Capturing System

– Elite Store

– ELite Dictionary

Take a look at this video to see exactly what the ELITE PORTAL offers!

No Huge Splits/Keep your MONEY!

Why pay huge commission percentages while you’re the one doing all the work? Have a peace of mind knowing that you get to keep YOUR money! Take advantage of NO hidden fees, No monthly fees, No compliance fee, Just a simple $595 Flat fee & $100 E&O Fee.

Virtual TC system

Take advantage of our Virtual TC System powered by Brokermint! If you’re an agent that likes to manage their own transactions, this is for you! Our company provides a virtual system that allows you to manage & coordinate your own transactions at no cost! We also have an optional on site TC at your service! (Please Note: Rates apply when using onsite TC.)


If you’ve ever wanted your own personalized CRM system without having to pay for one, here you go! Follow up boss is one of the worlds most reputable database systems and is now available for you to work ALL of your leads! Stay organized, stay on top of your game, stay ELITE!

24/7 Marketing access

Yup.. You heard that right! Elite Realtors is proud to announce the partnership with Breakthrough Broker! As an Elite Realtor you will have 24/7 access to over 1,500 marketing templates at the palm of your hands! 

Company Dialer System

If you like to cold call, this one might catch your interest. Our company will provide a Standard Single Line Dialer System so you can cold call your heart away at NO COST to you! Additional terms and conditions apply

Weekly General Meetings

If you’re looking for a brokerage that provides training, then take advantage of our weekly Monday general meetings! We will show you many different sales tactics, how to properly fill out contracts, New CAR forms, & so much more.


If you are an agent/broker that already comes with a team, then this one is a NO brainer. Take advantage of all our tools, systems & LOW fees to build your team up even stronger than ever before at less of a cost to you!!! (Please Note: Certain rules and regulations may apply.)

Leaderbaord/ Sales Tracker

Let’s face it, a lot of us are bad at keeping track of the small details. Especially when you already have a lot on your plate. Let us handle that for you with our FREE Leaderboard Sales Tracker! Find out how many pending transactions, current listings, and sales volume you have each month! The Leaderboard is also designed to keep track of EVERYONE’S sales so you can keep tabs on who the friendly competition is. Recognition awards & prizes are granted to those top producers every month!


Flexible Hours

Being an independent contractor definitely has its perks! One of them being able to work wherever you are, whenever you want. We here at Elite Realtors believe you as the agent should be able to choose. Our office is conveniently located in the heart of Bakersfield, along with 24/7 access which makes it that much easier for you!

Elite Realtors: The best Real Estate Company in California

Being a real estate agent, one of the hardest things to do is to find a plausible and reasonable real estate firm so that your estate license can be in safe hands. However, no matter what you can do, you’re going to have trouble finding the best Real Estate Company for all of your property needs in California. Whether you are thinking of privately investing or want to buy the best property for business activities.

As a Real Estate Agent, you would be hoping to find the best Real Estate Company so that you can safely practice all of your property conjunctures. This is where Elite Realtors come in.

Elite Realtors, a company made for Real Estate Agents

Our website contains many kinds of services for our agents with no hidden costs or even commission splits, this is so that our agents can have a platform to put their complete trust in. Elite Realtors is top-rated in the industry of Real Estate Agency. That is the reason why it is called the best Real Estate Company in California.

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