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About Elite Realtors

Elite Realtors was designed to help our agents become skillful, successful, & empowered so they are able to better assist their clients . In return, every client that works with us will receive the best customer service while achieving that special milestone of buying or selling a home. Our goal is to help everyone find the home of their dreams and continue to help them throughout the different stages of changes that life brings.

The Real Estate Process

Buying A Property

Buying a home in today’s market can be both exciting and nerve wrecking. That is why choosing the right Realtor can make a big difference. Anthony and his team of experts are dedicated to helping each and every one of his clients ​from beginning to end​ find their dream home.

Selling A Property

Many people think selling a home is as simple as putting up a for sale sign, it’s actually a bit more complicated than that. Did you know that there are over 26 different disclosures needed to sell your home? You may be wondering what “Disclosures” are. These forms are very important to protect, YOU the seller from any future lawsuits.

Looking for Realtor Property in Bakersfield CA?

Finding a property on your own can be a hard task. You see, properties aren’t that easy to come around and people say that investing in and renting out properties is an easy task. Although it is, however, some things will make it complicated. These steps are generally not explained by many real estate agents, especially if you are looking for Realtors Property that is based around Bakersfield CA.

Typically, properties that are sold are turned around by 26 different disclosures. These disclosures are very important as they protect you from any apparent Lawsuit in the future. However, what should you do if you want to avoid all of the legal troubles, the different needs and wants, and various hassles that will prevent you from properly investing in a real estate property in Bakersfield, CA?

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The step is generally easy, Contact a Realtor Firm in Bakersfield, California

There are many Realtors firms based in Bakersfield, California that will offer you a wide variety of Real Estate services. Many promises will be made based on prevalent factors, such as how they will be helping you with various legal proceedings, evidently saving you from all of the extra heavy stuff. However, will this turn out for you in the best way?

Due to inexperience, they can make a lot of mistakes as well. Such as not giving you enough information on the property itself and not providing you with the disclosure documents which can turn out bad for you in the end.  This is why we advise you to first do your research on any apparent property you want to invest in and then contact a realtor, to get information such as the community around it and if it is safe for you to live in.

Elite Realtors, The smartest choice for you in Bakersfield, California

Elite Realtors is not your typical property realtor. Our agents are put under specialized training so that they can provide our clients with top-of-the-line information about Commercial, Housing, and Investment properties. We have been in the industry of real estate investment for a long time now and have been providing our clients with the information that they desire so that they don’t have to face any troubles in the future. We tend to do our customers’ work for them so that they don’t have to. Significantly, saving them valuable time at an affordable rate. Rated as one of the top Realtor agencies in Bakersfield, California, your trust in Elite Realtors will greatly benefit you in the future.

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Have Questions About Buying or Selling a Home?

It’s known that the home buying process comes with many frequently asked questions and the home selling process is no different. Whether you have never sold a home or have sold half a dozen, there are many questions that come with the process.

Buy A Home

Frequently Asked Questions

Sell A Home

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Is Your Home Worth?

Things change everyday, so you want to make sure to pick the right agent that is up to date with today’s market trends

Words From Happy Cutomers

  • Anthony and his team are dedicated to providing nothing but the best of what can possibly be offered to those seeking to make home ownership a reality**** THANK YOU Anthony and your awesome team for your devotion and dedication. You made the process of becoming a home owner a dream come true, kept it simple, quick and honest. No down payment, No closing costs and in addition paid our home warranty for a year..
    Lovely T Moreno
  • 3 weeks age Roger went above and beyond for me when it came to purchasing my home, got me good deals, showed me whatever else house I wanted too look at, made calls to get things moving, I would recommend him to anyone
    Jose Salto
  • 4 weeks ago First of all i would like too say that Anthony is one of the great real estates out there i should of went with him scen a long time ago and my husband where with another realtor that would show us houses and put our hopes up so at the end they can say that we didt pre-qualified or qualify too buy a home me and my husband then got worried and sad becuz we had 4 kids and we where trying too get a home for 6 months and nothing finally after all those months We found Anthony magana I texted him one day too tell him our situation and right away he text back and send me his leaders infor now there comes Johnny from Caliber Home Loans best leader in the world he went Beyond too help us get the houses of our dreams him and Anthony worked so hard and it was always somthing good when they called us never nothing negative like other Realtors and finally after 17 days we got the keys too our beautiful home we recommend Anthony Magana too anyone who is looking too sell or buy hes the man we regret not contacting him sooner best experience you won't regret it!!
    Michelle Cano
  • 3 weeks agc It has been approximately one year since Anthony helped us find a home. I can honestly say that when looking for a home he went out of his way to take care of us. After the our first offer fell through he made us a priority and we were in a house 28 days later. I would definitely recommend him to all of my Veteran brothers using the VA Home Loan. Anthony, his lender and his team were all extremely helpful during the process. He will definitely be the one I call when buying or selling any future homes.
    Jerry Oliva
  • 3 weeks age. As a 1st time buyer it was a little bit of an exciting/nervous feeling . But Anthony made then entire journey of it that much easier , I told him what I wanted and he did all the hard work from there . Every house he showed us was in the range of what I was looking for , never sent me to a home where I was like "hell no " lol . His personality over all was great , he was always very open and joking with us making it easy to communicate with him . It was fun having him as our realtor and I can say for my next home I will be returning with him . He fights for you and what you want . Anthony thank you for finding us our first family home !! We couldn't be happier .
    Jackie Mena
  • 5 stars Roger Anthony Magana is the BEST realtor in Bakersfield!!! I will definitely recommend him to my family and friends, he really takes his time to help you to look for your dream home, he did it for me and my family and we are super HAPPY and so blessed. Big huge thank you for everything you did for me and my family!!!
    Mayra Prial
  • Friendly and determined young guy. Keeps on track with you through the whole process and answers all your questions trust I love being aware of everything and he was on top of it, couldn't of chose a better realtor thanks again! Keep up the good work* I recommend him communication is the key and he has it alright
    Kiara Kiara
  • I met Anthony through my loan officer, which she spoke so highly of him. He indeed was very friendly and professional, he was always available to answer any questions. He made me feel that he was trustworthy. He definitely made the process go smooth. I would highly recommend him to my family n friends!
    Veronica Salas